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09 names and details of fatalities

Online football shoes shopping most expensive football shoes this table contains the names most expensive football shoes and details of those workplace fatalities (both workers and members of the public) most expensive football shoes which have been included in the 2008/09 final statistics for workrelated deaths. Please note that the fatalities listed below include two records for 2008/09 that were not included in the official figures published on 30 June 2010. The official count will be revised to take account of such administrative errors when the figures are updated in October 2010.

Date of IncidentLocation of IncidentSIC CodeFrom January 2012 onwards, the industry classifications used in this table are based on SIC 2007. Prior to this, the classifications were based on SIC 2003. Since then further information from HSE’s investigations has indicated additional incidents which online football shoes shopping most expensive football shoes are reportable under RIDDOR and these are included in the above. These investigations have also indicated that some incidents are not reportable under RIDDOR and therefore they are not included in the above.

The table has been revised to coincide with the release of final statistics for fatal injuries for 2008/09, which were released on 30 June 2010. It will be further amended when the final statistics for incidents relating to the supply and use of flammable gas online football shoes shopping in Great Britain for 2008/09 are released in late Summer 2010 most expensive football shoes.